Magen David Diamond©

The Magen David Diamond©


In celebration of the 2012 Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we released the use of the Magen David Diamond Cut© as our gift to the global diamond industry.  Any suitably equipped manufacturer is now welcome to cut, polish, market and sell this unique diamond so long as they agree to make a charitable donation of a 1% royalty to Magen David Adom.

Magen David or The Shield of David (also called the Star of David) is widely known as the symbol of Judaism.  It is affixed to the pavilion of this diamond so that its reflection is clearly visible within the table as well as throughout the entire stone.

It emerged from the application of state-of-the-art diamond modeling techniques and modern cut performance analysis to enhancing the design of traditional diamond shapes.  Even when perfectly cut, the standard shapes of diamonds are asymmetrical.  The crowns of these diamonds have stars, mains and girdle facets.  The pavilions have mains, pavilion girdle facets and a six pointed star pattern as a third and fourth tier faceting arrangement.



Magen David

Magen David Schematics


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Magen David Diamond Cut©  is available in a broad range of sizes on special order only. It is also available as part of our Re-cut Program. If you are a diamond cutter and you’re interested in cutting this fine diamond, please contact us for the relevant information.




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The following color ranges are offered:






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As with Sirius Star™ Diamonds, all Magen David Diamonds© are graded exclusively by AGS Laboratories, with the Shield of David, unique serial number and AGS Laboratories report number inscribed on the girdle.

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